Thursday, June 30, 2011

IMATS 2011- Picture HEAVY!

Hi Everyone!

I went to IMATS for the first time ever this year and it was AMAZING! I loved every second of it. I have known about IMATS for about 3 years now and have wanted to go ever since I found out about it. Somehow I always missed the date (since it's only once a year) but not this time! I attended IMATS on Sunday, June 26th and I took my best friend with me, who also loves makeup. We had such an amazing day and I want to share my experience with all of you! =)

For anyone who doesn't know what IMATS is, it stands for International Makeup Artist Trade Show. It's only held once a year, as mentioned above, but there are 6 different locations-Vancouver, Sydney, Toronto, London, New York, and Los Angles, which is the one I attended in Pasadena. It seems like every year this event gets larger and larger! The beauty community is growing so rapidly thanks to YouTube, and I don't say that sarcastically. I love how makeup is becoming more and more exposed through YouTube and the beauty community. I wish all Women were educated in Makeup so that no one would be afraid of it because often times that seems to be the situation. I think if women were exposed to makeup enough, everyone would appreciate it and find a style that fits them and makes them feel comfortable. This wish may not be too far off if Beauty Guru's continue to multiply and spread the word about makeup and continue to educate us. (I am Pro-YouTube 100%, lol)

Back to IMATS talk, I wanted nothing more than to meet my Makeup inspiration, Kandee Johnson! I almost thought about wearing a pair of Depends incase I came into contact with her because if I had I thought I just might pee myself! HAHAHAHA. Sadly, I did not run into her =( I have to meet her one day, I just have too. I was able, however, to meet Koren and Josh/Petrilude/Misty Maven and I did get a glance or two at Tiffany D at the Sigma booth, who are all YouTube superstars. 

Without further are my pictures from IMATS! Hope you enjoy. 

IMATS haul to follow! 

Approx. 6:45 AM going to pick up my BFF

Just Arrived!

Line to get a wristband! We were early & had already
purchased our tickets!

Wristband Booth Inside

Wristband: CHECK! IMATS Bag: CHECK!

Madness Begins!

Cutest Booth there...Sugarpill

Owner of Sugarpill, Amy

Purchased my first Lime Crime lipstick in Coquette <3 

Too Faced!

Sea of People


Loved her makeup. She worked at Makeup Forever. 

Waiting to pick up goodies at Makeup Forever

40% off for MUA's 20% off for everyone else

MAC Model. Wish I was this
sparkly every day <3

Koren from Youtube! He was such a sweetheart! 

Amy from Sugarpill Cosmetics. Amazing outfit! 

She was so cool looking!

The other side of his face was normal...very cool!

Her makeup is SOOO beautiful! This was my favorite. 

Josh/Petrilude/Misty Maven from Youtube! 

If you have any questions, please ask! =)



  1. I was there on Sunday too! However, I didn't get a chance to take pics, plus I was determined to get in and get out because I didn't want to go on a crazy shopping spree like I did last year o_O ... Cool pics! I hope next year to do more mingling :-)

  2. You got some really cool photos...would love to see the product you got :)

  3. That looks so great! That's definitely something I want to look into doing. :)and so cute nice photo,,,, i love this artist in Sydney