Monday, February 7, 2011

Review: Smashbox Sheer Focus Tined Moisturizer

Hi Everyone!

I've really been into the idea of tinted moisturizers lately but have never went out and actively looked for one....until now! I have heard some really good things about the Smashbox tinted moisturizer so I decided to go to my local Sephora and ask for a sample to try it out. The girl working there was so sweet. When I asked her if I could have a sample of the T.M. she told me she was out of all makeup sample jars and bags, booo hoooo :( I was so sad because I was really looking forward to trying this stuff and once I set my mind to something, look out! lol. I think she felt really bad, so she offered to put my sample in a perfume atomizer that they use for fragrance samples and it worked! I was so excited and of corse thanked her for thinking up a strategic strategy in an urgent time of need, hahahaha.

Both pics with tinted moisturizer only

In the past when I was having issues with my skin, I never would have considered using a tinted moisturizer because they are sheer and really are not meant for a lot of coverage. Now that my skin is healthy again, I wanted a product that would speed up my makeup routine on days that I don't need to go all out and wear a lot of makeup or if I'm just going to the gym.

This moisturizer sells for $30 at Sephora and Ulta. I got mine in the lightest shade, Fair but they offer three other colors in Light, Medium, and Dark. They also offer a shade called, "luminous" which would be great for a highlighter or brightener in your foundation.

Added powder and blush

Overall, I am really impressed with this tinted moisturizer. I actually cannot wait to go out and purchase the full size. Sampling this product was great for me because if it happened to break me out I wouldn't be stuck with a money-waiting, full size bottle! I loved the color of this as well. I feel like it is pigmented perfectly! I use a flat foundation brush to apply this and I feel like it's the best applicator for this particular product. And you guessed it, it's super-de-duper moisturizing. My skin feels so nice and smooth after I remove my makeup at night, which was a shockingly nice surprise :) My biggest fear before using this product was that it was going to make my face look like a grease ball with in 20 mins of the application...not at all! I honestly cannot believe how matte my face stayed all day considering it is a "moisturizer". This stuff is wonderful!

Other added bonuses:

*SPF 15
*Packed with vitamins C and E
*Oil free
*Paraben free
*Fragrance free

Do you use a tinted moisturizer? Tell me what your favorite is!



  1. I have been wanting to try this! I'm glad they are going to be at the Makeup Show this month, because they are offering a nice discount! thanks for sharing :-)

  2. Great review, I like the idea of using a tinted moisturizer in the summer especially!