Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Favorite, Everyday, Go~To Products

Hi Make~Up Lovers!

I am finally busting out a favorites post, yay! You may recognize of many of these products from my FOTD posts but thats because these are my favorites, my staples, my repurchase again and again, favorite products! So allow me to introduce them to you.... :)

Favorite multi-functional product 

MAC Fix+

I'm sure this is a favorite and a staple for thousands of Women and I too am one of them. Wether I am using this to make eyeshadows into eyeliner or to perk up my face before I put my foundation on, this baby gets used every day (And it's getting low!) 

Favorite Foundations

I have two in this category! My skin is super-duper oily and sensitive so I have to be very cautious about what foundations, powders and blush I use on my skin...such a pain! But I have found that the Mary Kay Full coverage foundation is just the right consistency and blends so nicely on my skin. Best of all, it's really nice and gentle to my skin, lol. No break outs with this product! I'm not sure how many of you have heard of Cover FX but it is so amazing! I was using this before I switched to Mary Kay. I go back and forth between the two. But, the Cover FX Cream foundation covers literally anything! Tattoos and all. I needed something like this when my skin was in horrible condition :( Nothing seemed to hide my blemishes without making them worse...and then I discovered this little miracle! lol. Love this stuff to bits. 

Favorite Concealer 

I discovered this through a makeup Guru on YouTube. I'm so glad I decided to pick it up at my local Target and try it out because I fell in love with it! It's not cakey and it's just the perfect consistency for under the eye area. I like that it's a liquid and not a cream because I have found some cream concealers to be too drying and thick for under the delicate eye area. 

Favorite Powder

I cannot say enough great things about this powder! The only draw back is the price. At $46 a pop, that's pretty outrageous, I know. However, when you have acne prone, sensitive skin there is seriously no price too high for a good quality product such as this. I desperately went into Sephora during the time my face was having serious issues looking for a powder that would not hurt my skin. The guy suggested this and applied it to my face. I didn't know right away if it was going to break me out or not but I did love the look of it! I would say it's a medium-full coverage powder and build able, which I like. A few weeks went by and I realized this stuff was amazing! It has zero Parabens, Sulfates, Synthetic Fragrances, Synthetic dyes or Phthalates. I have come to realize that Hourglass is an amazing cosmetic line. If only their products weren't so darn expensive I would own many more :) But the powder is a necessity for me!

Favorite Bronzers

Again, I have two favorites in this category. I love the MAC mineralize Skinfinish in Deep Dark for a few reasons. I love it for contouring! I also love it for when I want a bronzer with no shine or shimmer. It's also a great contour for your crease (or to use as an eyeshadow)! A lovely lady at my MAC counter shared that tip with me :) I was wearing a bronzy eye that day and she popped a little of the Deep Dark right above my crease and it added so much for doing so little! I was impressed. I use her little trick often now :) The LORAC bronzer is gorgeous you guys!!! I love it; however, it does have shimmer to it so I use it when I want more glow to my face. I guess I would say I use this one more in the summertime but definitely check it out next time you're in Sephora! It's permeant collection worthy! 

Favorite Blush

I told you guys in my Welcome post that blush is one of my favorite beauty products so you can imagine how hard it was for me to limit this to just a few! Of corse I am in love with a classic...NARS blush in Orgasm. So pretty and great for everyday really. I also really love MAC blush and surprisingly they are kind to my sensitive face! A few of my absolute favorites are Style, Sunbasque and Dollymix! 

Favorite Eye Brow Products

Eyebrows- I am obsessive when it comes to them...or mine I should say. I like them waxed every 3 weeks and I have to fill mine in 100% with all the products because mine are blonde :( These help me do a good job of it though! Eyepencils- Maybelline Expert Wear eye-pencils are my favorite. They are cheap, easily accessible at the drugstore and I've used these particular ones since I was like 15! Brow powder- Benefit Brow Zings is what I use just because It's what I have and It seriously seems like it will last FOR-EV-ER! The "wax" on the opposite side is dried out because I've had t for so long but powder doesn't go bad, so lucky me! I find the color matches my brows really nice, being blonde and all. Brow gel- I don't know that everyone uses brow gel but I like it to hold everything in place. The Target brand, Boots is a great one! Again- cheap, easily accessible and works perfect. 

Favorite Eye Primer

You know it could only be one of two...I have yet to try the Two Faced Shadow Insurance but I find this one works well for me and I like it :)

Favorite Staple Eyeshadows

MAC Nylon, MAC Brule, MAC Embark 
I use at least one of these a day. Most of the time two and you can create a whole look with all three! :)

Favorite Eyeliner

Yes, love this. It's an intense black and the felt tip style pen is so easy to use! They last a while too! These are also great for winged or cat~eye eyeliner. 

Favorite Mascara

I am SO picky about my mascaras. It's the one thing that I am so anal about when it comes to loving or hating and there is no in between. I have bought this several times now and I really do love it. It's a nice, rich Black and it really adds a lot of length and some volume to lashes. I wish it added more volume but It's good! 

Favorite Lip Products

MAC Cream De La Femme: The prettiest Pink. I have repurchased this color several times. Reminds me of a Barbie Pink with the prettiest sheen to it. 
MAC Cream Cup: Another pretty pink! Lighter than Cream De La Femme. It's more of a Peachy Pink.
MAC Viva Glam Gaga: Another Pink...I love Pink lipstick as you can see :) Pastel Pink. 
MAC Viva Glam Cyndi: The best wearable red out there!
MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner in Feelin' Good: I like that it has SPF 15 in it and it smells really good! Gives just the right amount of color too. My only complaint about this is that I can taste the SPF in it :(
MAC Lipgloss in Feeling Dreamy: Awesome nude gloss with pink and gold shimmer 
LORAC Lipgloss in Haute: Beautiful, opaque baby pink. Smells great and tastes good! 

Favorite Go-To Palette

*LORAC Multi Platinum Palette. I love every shade in this thing. The colors are pigmented great and they blend so easy! I use this when I don't want to think about what I'm going to wear. 

Favorite Highlighters

More favorites from LORAC. It's a double ended wand which contains a highlighter on one side and a concealer on the other. I don't like the concealer as much as my Maybelline Mineral Power but I love the liquid highlighter on the opposite side. 

My favorite powder highlight is LORAC Spotlight. This company has my love! 



  1. Great favorites!I luv to read other people's favorites..I am really interested in that lorac looks interesting

  2. Thank you Jess!! I like reading other people's favorites too :) I would totally recommend checking out the LORAC highlighter next time you're in a beauty store :) Take care!


  3. Ashley you have some amazing products on this list, I will be referring back to it when it comes time to use my Sephora gift card as we have a few loves in common (MAC MSF, Lorac Spotlight). Thanks!