Monday, January 10, 2011

Double Take

Hey Girlfriends,

I came across this photo of Madonna on another Bloggers photography website today. I know Madonna doesn't really look like the Photoshoped picture shown here but I was shocked when I seen this! This photo is such a raw reminder that so much of what we see in the media is distorted! As a very sad result, our society is filled with young women who develop eating disorders and a slew of other self-image issues as a result of the false images that they see. We all know that magazines are Photoshoped but it is very easy to forget, Myself included! It is so easy to get wrapped up in the idea that women wake up looking like the images you see in magazines...NOT AT ALL! This picture is a perfect reminder of reality. I'm sure there are a very select few beauties on this earth that wake up looking flawless. For the most part, that's just not true. Beauty takes a lot of time, effort & work! I wish I were brave enough to show you guys a picture of myself without makeup but I can't do it! Lol. Not only do I look like a 12 yr. old but I don't look anything like my "enhanced" self because I am naturally a blonde. Unless you are blonde yourself, know me personally, or somebody else who is a natural blonde, then you don't understand what I am talking about. We look so completely different because our complexions are super fair, our eyebrows are blonde, and our eyelashes are blonde! I always joke that I look albino without makeup! Hahaha. Luckily my brows and lashes have darkened a little since I've gotten older but it really makes me self conscious to be without makeup for this reason. That's hard to confess but it's the truth. Everyone struggles with little issues about themselves because no one is perfect! And just remember....when you think you've seen the most beautiful girl in the world...even she has issues about herself that she doesn't think are perfect! Every girl is beautiful no matter WHAT! Here's to all of our perfect, imperfections! Xoxo.

I encourage you guys to please watch this video! I think it has an ever greater impact than the images I have shown...


  1. Jen sent me! Welcome to the wonderful world of beauty blogging! :)

    It's amazing what a little Photoshoppin' can do, isn't it? I have watched that video once before. Seeing it definitely makes me feel better about my cellulite, wrinkles, and other flaws!


  2. Hi Kate! <3

    Thanks for joining my beauty blog! :) Thats was so, so nice of Jen to mention me on her blog. I have to step up my game now with more people checking me out! Hahaha. I'm really excited though and I love Makeup and beauty in any form.

    I'm so glad to have you! Thank you for your sweet comment.

  3. great post! and thanks for sharing the video.i will post it on my blog page =)

  4. Hi Locke! <3

    Thanks for checking out my blog! I am happy you're here :) I would love for you to share the video. It's a great reminder to us women that things are not always as they love yourself as you are! :) I'll be sure to follow your blog as well.


  5. What a great post. Even before the words came up at the end of the video, I was already thinking "no wonder". This is a subject that I feel very strongly about and it's no surprise that eating disorders/body dismorphic disorders etc are so rife when the world media is freely portraying such false images; it is such an unrealistic "norm". Bring back natural beauty.

    ps - welcome to the blogging world!

  6. Yowza! I think we all know in our little hearts that celebs aren't as perfect as they are in magazines, but its so sad when today's youth tries to live up to Hollywoods level of
    'perfection". So sad. look just like Gretchen Rossi from Real Housewives of Orange County! (I'm sure you get that a lot)

  7. Great post, I think it's such a good reminder and important message, especially for the young and impressionable who strive to attain that unreachable standard. I am a new follower, found you thru Jen at Love of Beauty is Taste.

  8. Hi and welcome 10thingsaboutagirl, Dye-A-Graham, and Tracy@mybestbeautybuys!! Thank you for checking out my blog. I am thrilled to have some feedback and very positive feedback at that! Jen has some amazing women following her :)
    @Dye-A-Graham, I've never been told I look like Gretchen, I had to look her up because although I am familiar with the show, I wasn't sure who she was. Thank you for the compliment :)

    Thank you girls for welcoming me into the beauty blogging world! :)

  9. these pics make me feel loads better!! LOL .. I mean i know that everything is photo-shopped nowadays but its always nice to see that celebrities aren't perfect like they make them out to be ... Welcome to the blog world! and i feel the same way, i look like i'm 10 without makeup! haha!

  10. @ Eva JJ,
    Hey Girl! Welcome to my blog :) Thank you for your comment! I went to get a flu shot yesterday and the Pharmacist asked, "How old are you?" I don't know what the age requirement is but she said it like I wasn't old enough! I had no eyebrows on and just a little mascara and foundation...I had to laugh because I just blogged about looking 12 without makeup! Lol...Glad I'm not alone! :)

  11. Ashley, great post. That video is a perfect view from the average eye of young and old as to what is truly the real person behind the camera. Everyone needs to be confident within themselves, because the person inside is what truly makes the person outside!