Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Nicole Richie Inspired Plum Purple

Hi Again Beauties,

I wanted to do a really fun look today. Something you could wear for a night out with your friends, for a party, for a school dance, or maybe just to dinner (and a movie)! I chose to recreate the look off of the October issue of In Style magazine featuring Nicole Richie! This is certainly not my makeup style for everyday. However, I did have fun trying something new and I'm the crazy one who you would see wearing this look out for no reason, in the middle of the day... at the grocery store! lol. My take on Nicole's look appears a little different from hers for a few reasons. First, she has very large eyes, I do not. Secondly, her eye shape is very different from mine. In that scenario, you have to adjust the makeup a little bit to flatter your eye shape. Third, I did not have every exact makeup product that was used on her for this editorial shot. So, as I told you guys last time, go with what you've got and that's what I did. As a last note, I am not one of those people who apply their foundation last but this look is a bit messy so I would recommend to begin with your eyes first and then proceed with foundation, bronzer, brows, and lips. Have fun & hope you enjoyed this look!!!


*Prime your eye. I used Urban Decay's Primer Potion (Purple Genie looking tube)
*I used MAC's Paint pot in Painterly all over my eye from the brow to the lid.
*If you have the Alice In Wonderland palette by Urban Decay, I used Queen with a MAC 239 brush to sweep the color all over the lid and blended it up slightly into the crease. If you don't have the palette, it's Urban Decay's "Last Call". (A reddened eggplant with a burgundy/purplish edge. Has a slight sheen to it) *Tip* You can also use MAC's Paint Pot in Artifact. This is what was actually used on Nicole Richie but I didn't have it :(
*Apply MAC's Shadowy Lady on the outer 1/3 of the eye. It's a dark, matte purple if you don't have it. (You can also use MAC's Nehru)
*Then apply Urban Decay's Curiouser with your finger on top of Queen on the inner 1/3 of the eye. Keep the inner portion light and the outer portion dark! (A.K.A. Grifter by U.D. if you don't have the Alice palette) It's a light fucia-purple with an icy purple sheen.
*Apply MAC's glitter reflects in "very pink" over the previous color on the inner 1/3 of the eye. (I didn't have this which is why I used Curiouser. It already had glitter in the shadow :))
*Line top of eye with MAC's fluidline in Blacktrack. Liner should begin small and increase slightly thicker toward the outer corner of the eye. Only line your bottom lash line half way with the Blacktrack. Grab an angled brush and lightly line the rest of bottom lash line with MAC Shadowy Lady or Nehru. Don't forget your waterline in black! (If you don't have Blacktrack, any black gel liner or black pencil will do)
*False lashes are optional. I chose to wear some. Demi's (half lashes) would look best with this look :)

For the Face:

*Moisturize your face!
*Prime. I used Lancome's La Base Pro.
* Use a very light foundation for this look. By light, I don't mean in color, I mean in consistency. A tinted moisturizer will work as well. The goal is to even out your skin tone without overdoing it.
*Conceal under your eyes.
*Lightly powder your face. Don't forget to lightly powder under the eyes to lock in your concealer!
*Use a matte bronzer to contour the sides of the face. This look has zero blush. To make up for that, the bronzer will give your face a little shape and warmth so you don't look pale. *Tip* To "contour" your cheeks, take an angled brush and lightly dab it in your matte (meaning no shimmer or shine!) bronzer. Place the brush at the top of your ear and swipe the brush in an angled, downward motion toward your cheeks. To check and see if your placement is correct, the fish face works well :) You are basically trying to slightly darken the area under your cheeks making your actual cheek bones pop!
*Define those eyebrows!


I know it doesn't look like I have any lip color on....but that's the point for this look. You want a very nude lip. Begin by concealing or applying foundation on your lips to erase your natural lip color.

* MAC Subculture liner (optional)
*MAC Nude Rose Lipstick -Discontinued, Boooo hooo hooo:(- *Tip* Nicole Richie is wearing Revlon's matte lipstick in Nude Attitude! (Any nude lip color will work!)

*Viva La Beauty!*

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  1. This should be fun!! Let me know when you have makeup for the elderly..hehe. I hope you'll follow my blog also dahlink!!!! It won't be as glamorous of course. You're so pretty!!!! Toodles.