Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Who Said Brown Couldn't Look Fresh?

Okay Gals,

Here goes my first makeup "How to" post! I hope you like it. I intended for this look to be very, very simple and easy but ended up using way more products in the end than I had intended. Be creative! You can always add or take away from what I am showing here. Most importantly, use products you have! You can accomplish a very similar look even if you don't have exactly what I used :)

Here is what I used on my face:

*First and always, moisturize! It can be anything of your choice. This step is not optional, in my opinion.
* I began with a primer by the company Cover Fx. It's called Clear Prep Fx. It's an anti-acne treatment as well!
* I then apply my Mary Kay, full-coverage foundation in Beige 302 with a MAC 180 brush lightly misted with MAC Fix + or Evian spray. Wetting this particular brush helps evenly apply your liquid foundation and limits overusing the foundation so it doesn't go to waste!
*Conceal under eye circles with Maybelline Mineral Power concealer. Mine is in the shade Fair. This is a very inexpensive, drugstore product that I really like! It's creamy and moisturizing under our delicate eye area. *Tip* Your concealer should NOT match your foundation. It should generally be 2 shades lighter than your foundation. This makes the eye area appear brighter.
*Powder- I use Hourglass Oxygen powder in No.1. First I use a small, pointy, dome brush and lightly apply my powder on top of my concealer to set it. Then I go in with a big fluffy brush and buff in the powder to the rest of my face. *Tip* Any time you use a liquid, it must be set with a powder to keep it on. Ex: Liquid eyeliner-apply a corresponding eyeshadow on top to set it. Cream blush-set with a powder blush or translucent power on top. Liquid highlighter-set with powder highlighter...you get it now :)
*Blush-Nars Orgasm
*Eyebrows- Maybelline Expert Wear brow pencil in Blonde. (They are also sold in the drugstore and come as a set of 2. They are red pencils. I love this eyebrow pencil! I have used it since the beginning of my makeup obsession!) *Tip* Set with a brow powder or matching brown eyeshadow to lock in the wax formula of the pencil!

The eyes:

* MAC Brule for brow highlight (A non-shimmery color close to your skin tone)
*MAC Nylon on the inner corners of the lid. Blend that out into first 1/3 of lid. (A bright, shimmery/frosty white)
*MAC Patina on the outer 1/3 of the lid. (A frosty light bronze color)
*Light wash of MAC Buff-De-Buff in the crease. I don't know if this color is discontinued? (A light, shimmery pinky brown color)
*MAC Symmetry lightly washed over the Buff-De-Buff in crease. (A very light matt brown)
*MAC Espresso in outer corner and very lightly blend into mid crease. (A matt brown a few shades darker than the previous brown you used)
*MAC Embark in outer crease (Dark, matt brown) My favorite brown ever!!
*I used Embark to line my eyes by wetting it with MAC Fix+ on an angled brush.
*Mascara- Covergirl Lash Blast Fusion (Purple tube)


*MAC Subculture lip pencil (Pinky nude color) My favorite lip pencil for everyday wear!!!
*MAC Creamcup lipstick (Peachy pink color)
*MAC Feeling Dreamy Lipgloss on top (Shimmery, translucent pink)

That Completes this look! Hope you like it and found this helpful :)


  1. I love this look! Great for an everyday look and work.

  2. Thanks Becky :) That's exactly what I wanted it to be...a fresh, neutral everyday look. Glad you like it! Thank you for the compliment.
    Welcome to my beauty blog!