Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Welcome Gorgeous Ones

Hi Gorgeous Ones!

Welcome to my beauty blog! Thank you to everyone who gave their opinion as to what this blog should be named. I ultimately chose the name, Blush and Bloom, because it was the only title that I came up with all my own and because it sounds fresh. Original and fresh are qualities that I definitely want to incorporate into this blog. I also chose the name because blush is one of my favorite beauty products. It can brighten and bring a face to life in a matter of a few strokes! I almost feel like you can never have too much of it either. Although, too much of a good thing can be detrimental in any case! Hahaha. Never fear blush ladies, embrace it! The word Bloom follows after Blush in this title because it is associated with beauty too! As much as most of you may only think of a flower blooming, the term also means, "The state or period of greatest beauty, freshness, or vigor." Combined, the title represents blush and beauty-simple, yet fresh and beautiful!
Please bare with me in the beginning as I figure out how to make this blog the best it can be. I am really excited to start this beauty blog! I have wanted to begin a blog for a while now but never pursued it. I thought now would be a great time because we just walked into the new year-2011! Without the inspiration or encouragement of my friend, Jen Toy, Blush and Bloom would not be here, despite the New Year. Thank you so much Jen! Here is a link to her beauty blog. Definitely check it out! She is an amazing makeup artist for MAC
Cosmetics in San Francisco, Ca. http://www.l1lmamaj.blogspot.com

Me and Jen in Vegas
I plan on showing a lot of different makeup looks in this blog. Some casual and some more bold and daring! Some that I create and others that will be "inspired by" a look in a magazine or by another makeup guru. Other days, maybe I'll mix it up and throw out some fragrance reviews (since I worked with perfume for 4 years!) Then, maybe some quotes here and there that are inspirational as well. I would also like to incorporate some product reviews, outfits of the day, and share some of my favorite products with you! I want this blog to be inspiring and fresh most of all. I hope you enjoy what is to come and thank you for joining me on this artistic journey! Viva La Beauty!!


  1. hi Ashley, just wanted to say welcome to the world of blogging!! I found you on Jen's blog & I'm glad I did... you are gorgeous!! & I can already tell that your blog will be one of the blogs I'm gonna be visiting on a regular... hope to see u around!! =)